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The Music, Art, Fashion, Culture, Food, and Technology!
It's all happening at the 2023 FUZION Festival.

Come on out and meet some of the most amazing and talented individuals and groups within our community!

Cat’s Meow by Jacqueline White 

Michael Judkins

The Writer, Author, Playwright, and Cinematographer  a local creative residing in the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania. He holds an Associate in Science in Journalism, Bachelor of Science in Human Services, and a Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling with over 20 years in the field of Human Services. Michael self-published his first poetry collection titled, “Introduction to Sentimental Me”.

Gaffney Hill WoodSmith Shop
Moca Reign by Moca Mani, LTD
 As both an artist and founder of this amazing brand.  God had given me many artistic capabilities from music to poetry to dance, even as a little girl.  However, life has a weird way of creating less time for such gifts.  It wasn’t until I hit that rut in my life and had purposed myself to focus on God and my own happiness that this gift of art truly came to light.  What began as doodles at my desk, as a Call Center Customer Service Rep, has flourished into the beautiful and unique pieces you see before you today!

Who’s Ready To Come With Me! Who’s Ready To Travel With Me!

An Architect of HOUSE, TRANCE, DANCE, DUBSTEP, EDM, HIP HOP, R & B, OLD SKOOL, and more… As well as specializing in Blends and Mixes. 

I am DJ Focus…Your brother….. I am a Father,Teacher, Barber, Dj, Mc, Musician, true entrepreneur and businessman.…This page is dedicated to you…..I am DJ focus the musical messenger, the voice of the people, the champion of the slow grind…..Born in Plainfield New Jersey i have seen first hand the black struggle…i was born from it, molded by it, and i will never forget it.. I am on a mission to be the best i can be…with me There is no mold….I rap ,sing, dance,do stand up comedy, DJ, and many other things….I will be a credit…..#nobarzoff #iamfocus!!

Our goal at New Life Legacies is to reclaim our communities child by child, family by family and neighborhood by neighborhood. You can do a lot in your home, in your neighborhood, and throughout your community.

Everything has more than one life. Our mission is to repurpose items into something new and bring out another side of it. Objects often find their way to us. They whisper in our ears, their new visions of themselves, and different ways they can be used again. Heeding this call, we just do what we’re told.

Let’s Eat! Locally Owned and Operated. Provides onsite catering for your event, Offering Local Pick up on Select days.

Art – Pen and Ink Collage/ Photography priced to go. Off beat pieces for off beat people. Billy Brandenburg creates artistic visions under Inspired Slacker Artworks. During the week, he works as a science teacher for at-risk students at The Alternative Learning Center in Plains. On the weekends and other select days, he looks for venues to showcase and share his creations.

 Fine Arts Gallery

Our center is here for you. We work hard to be a resource for our community. Please feel free to contact us so that we can find the best possible solution to support your needs. Here at Doit4theyouth, we know that sometimes all it takes to change the world is a little support. Since our founding this year, we have been determined to make an impact. The core of our efforts is to bring our team’s fresh ideas and passion to the range of activities we’re involved in. Through all of our endeavors we hope to display the conviction behind our beliefs.  

Weaver Popcorn Manufacturing is a recognized leader in the production and co-packing of Popping Corn, Microwave Popcorn and Ready-to-Eat Popcorn. Benefitting from over 90 years and four generations of the Weaver family’s expertise in the popcorn industry, Weaver Popcorn Manufacturing operates the world’s largest microwave popcorn manufacturing facility and utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to also produce both air and wet pop ready-to-eat popcorn.

Offer handmade bags and unique gifts such as handmade purses, tote bags, wristlets, cosmetic bags and more! I know my logo doesn’t depict what I offer, but the back story is I have 2 Bouvier des Flandres dogs and two cats that are constantly by my side. How could i not include them?

Let’s Get Lit!!!

We are committed to creating quality skincare products using all natural ingredients. At Evita Ink we are committed to providing quality apparel and accessories, created and customized, bringing our clients creativity to life. 

I want share with you my love of the art of decoupage. I want to showcase my creativity and my joy. 

My motto is « EXPLORE & CREATE ».  I was born in Haiti and emigrated to the United States at an early age. My love for art started early. My imagination is always looking for ingenious new ways to create. I’m a multimedia artist. I use wood, acrylic and oil paint, stained glass , graphite and more…

Strange Wings Photography and Design is the photography and graphic design business of artist Sarah Teets. She focuses on a wide array of photography and design services ranging from band portraits to logo design.

We are a family owned business specializing in Ornaments and Witch’s Balls. These hand made Ornaments, Wreaths, Bells, and other crafts are fueled by individualized Raiki energy from their birth. Constructed with only the purest of intentions, each are meant to hang in a location you pass by often – a doorway, a window, your desk at work – let its unique energy such as protection, wealth, love, and many others flow through you when you need it most.  We also offer other unique crafts as advertised on our social media.

An iconic brand isn’t built in a day. For more than 50 years, Mary Kay Inc. has empowered women while changing the world of business. Mary Kay® products are sold in nearly 40 countries by millions of Independent Beauty Consultants around the world. Mary Kay Inc. has experienced significant growth, opening in more than 20 new markets around the world.

Let Us Light Up Your Life! Welcome Lords and Ladies to Aroma Realm! We are a family, veteran, and woman owned business. Our mission is to spread love, light and happiness to as many people as we can. Our main candles are our custom made candles that are completely made by you. You pick the color, scent, and tell us what to put on the label and we make it so! We also have pre-made lines with you in mind! Head to our shop now to find out what Merlin and our Enchantress Morgan has helped us make!


Rhonda’s goal with every reading is to provide her client with a positive, insightful and meaningful experience.  As a Tarot Reader, Tarot Instructor and Intuitive and a professional Tarot Card reader, instructor and the founder of Northern New Jersey Tarot. Rhonda has studied Tarot with some of the most respected and accomplished readers, authors and deck designers in the Tarot community and continues her studies by attending and presenting at annual international conferences. 

My aim for my shop is to be as ethical and sustainable as possible. It is so important to have crystal jewelry that is eco friendly and ethical through the entire process. The crystal/mineral industry is unfortunately unregulated and needs to be brought to justice. And because of this I am continuously working with my reliable sources to ensure that the health and safety of the miners is priority, there is no child labor, all workers are paid a livable wage, and no harm is being done to the environment. Also, I make sure to buy in the United States and from wholesale small businesses as often as possible to support and rebuild our economy. Now you can enoy your crystal jewelry again knowing your helping better the world!

Mindful Candles: 

Pixels N More Creations – From custom decals, custom t-shirts, to pixel creations, blankets and more.  We at Pixels N Creations strive to ensure every customer leave satisfied and happy with their custom made creation.

Lehigh Valley Swarm 

DEEJAY BYG FURY – FURY ANDERSON aka CEE-ROCK “THE FURY” (aka DEEJAY BYG FURY) is the Founder & CEO of !Handzup! Network and !Handzup! Network-Radi-Yo! #QSectorLegend


Sparkle Squad

New PA Project Education Fund –  Believes in empowering everyday Pennsylvanians by providing the resources and tools necessary for participatory civic engagement. In order to build power in communities, it is vital that we help give a voice to the underserved and underrepresented. Through town halls, community events, and voter registration efforts, we will help our communities have their voices heard.

Sassy Classy Life – We do every type of hair from fine to coarse. From long do’s to short do’s.

Pure Romance – By Rouxy – Empower. Educate. Entertain.

Rose Revolution – Vintage clothing warehouse, clothing, hats, handbags, jewelry, shoes and more.

Glitteratti Bakery –The Fun Bakery, Here to put a little sparkle in your day!!!

Bucket List Destinations Travel Agency – A full-service travel agency that aims to fulfill your wildest travel desires. We provide unique itineraries that include partaking in the local cuisine, admiring amazing art, museums or wildlife.

J. Laurel Art Co. – ABC – Always Be Creating

Nothing But Luv – Authentic Caribbean Cuisine “Positive Vibrations”

Fair District PA – PA Voters Want Fair Districts: When legislative leaders manipulate district boundaries to keep themselves in office or to silence their opposition, we ALL lose.


Unique Glow Wellness and Medspa: Strive to provide the best and to exceed our client’s expectations. Our hope is that our client’s leave from Unique Glow feeling their best and satisfied with the care that our amazing has provided. All of our services are delivered by highly trained licensed medical professionals and are intended to assist you in achieving your unique needs.

AROMOTICA: Everything you need to ascend UNDER ONE WING.  

Hello, My name is Lara owner and operator of Gifts of Gaia. I grew up with my father being a collector of specimens and that is where I began my journey in the rocks, fossils, and crystal universe. It became more to me then just cool and pretty Specimens. It became about the healing the earth provided for us in these cool and pretty specimens, it was the origins, the mineral components that make them become what these beautiful natural creations are. I want to share my passion, knowledge and love with all. We are also going to be adding another gift the earth has given us with natural wood carvings made by my partner in life Greg. He has this natural talent to turn beautiful wood into hand-made crystal stands, wood rings with our gorgeous cabs and gems, and the ability to envision the most beautiful carvings. We seek a future of a holistic balms and moisturizers, and candle line as well. We love to provide what the earth gives us, I hope you enjoy our journey into what Gaia herself has provided.

Essence of the Nocturnal-We Are A Digital Marketing Firm Designed To Maximize Return On Investment 

HY Finest Wear: Special Pricing, Special Saving Official Products!! Exclusive brand names for men and women — cologne/sets, perfume/sets, various style watches, & selective jewelry accessories 

L.O.Y.A.L. (Love Of You Adding Legacy): Sharing Life Experiences Giving Testimony of Loving Self to the Next Level

Rainbow Concoctions: Freeze-dried to Perfection, We Taste Like Rainbow & Unicorns – Rainbow concoctions started with a passion for cooking and food preservation. At Rainbow Concoctions, we provide high-quality food and vinegar with the latest testing methods to ensure food quality and safety. 

Adorn Essentials: Is all about surrounding yourself with, and consistently working to attain the highest level of value, spirituality, and physical health. To deserve the best, you have to be at your best. These products will help you feel your best so that you can live life without limits!

Suck It Up: A wholesale/arrangement candy online distributer in Berks County, Pa. 

Mischal’s Boutique: Bold, Chic, Oversized, Vintage, and Throwback Sunglasses Achieve Celebrity Status With A Glamorous, High Fashion Look. Mischal Will Have All Eyes On You

 Hamsa Houka: “The Culture” is the #1 Lehigh Valley.

 Hamsa Exoticz: Exclusive Snacks and Goodies

Auras Moon Box

Fairy Apothecary Co.: Self Care – Body- Mind- Spirit